Xansis is a character who played on Dolera a long time ago. He has been in several guilds, and gotten to level 30 several times, being killed down many times as well. However, he has never been sent back to Rookgaard, so he has not had to buy any spells since 2005.

He was recently a member of the guild Del Chaos, but was kicked either because of a post he made on the forums about Dolera, or because Mysteriuz Pandora Knight was kicking all characters of the rank "Member" from Del Chaos in an attempt to remove a character of the player Sainx Delmort from the guild.

Xansis enjoys hunting dwarf guards with a wand of inferno, and misses killing hydras in a team with a blocker. He also likes making sudden death runes near the water in Fibula, but he has not been able to do so since the magic system changed, requiring level 45 to make SD. Xansis has never killed a dragon lord, but he has killed dragons with summoned demon skeletons, and he has killed the giant spider on the mountain north-west of Darashia.

Xansis made several friends while he played, and was protected by Ilaon and Mordanus.

Xansis stopped trying to level and became a PK in 2006 after he was killed by the player Dzrami in Darashia.