A variety of events led to the escalation of hostilities between the Waterloo and Crimson Sunset powers prior to the start of the war. In the aftermath of Awaken vs Criminal Union war, a defeated Criminal Union was demoralized under the punishment of indeterminate hunted status. This caused Criminal Union to lose access to the main wealth sources, limiting greatly their capability of rebuilding their armed forces. However, at the end of 2009 many hunted groups were allowed to roam freely, roughly speaking the americans, brazilians, canadians and chileans groups.

War Breaks Out in DoleraEdit

On February 3rd, 2010, Sammy fixie's death marks the beginning of the war followed by the at least ten of his allies, ranging from levels 80 to 167. The first few days were very succesfull due to a rather controversial strategy concerning stacking. More than 50 victims were slaughtered before Crimson Union had a chance to score. Lowix, the famous Nomad slaughterer, surprised his allies running right under the wings of the server ruler Edkeys.

Mage Sigi's InterventionEdit

In a brave initiative, the renowned strategist Mage Sigi lead the battle against the main weapon of his enemy: the stacking. In just a few days he gathered more signatures than frags for Crimson Sunset. He stood in front of his troops and yelled: "Well im so angry about the no possibly Atacck in the stacks with more than 8 people!" He asked to the Gods for a change in the 2009 Autumn's Patch. Nothing really happened.


Killed down or hacked characters weren't counted. Level 45+ to be counted. Level 80+ druid and sorcerer and 130+ knight and paladin to be listed.


518 frags

Crimson SunsetEdit

378 frags

More information in the fraglist.