The Mexican State of Sonora

The Sonora Team is a group of players who came from the Northwestern mexican state of Sonora, they are best know as the founders of the guild Fimbulvetr.

The Sonora Team itself has no leadership rightnow, althought some of his members are Retired (Lord Predix, Chino Saints). His most active member is without doubt Slyg Valentine who has never been in a retirement (even after 2 Deletions).

The history of the guild consist mainly on 3 generations of Players.

First GenerationEdit

The first generation of the team that came to play on Dolera, this generation is the most know one thanks to they participation in most wars since the Pandemonium vs Del Chaos war, and because they are the ones who founded Fimbulvetr opening the door to the next generations.

Numengard (139EK)- Now Master Bom BomBun(122MS)

Slyg (92ED)- Now Slyg Valentine (136ED)

Lord_Predix (165MS)

Slynger (115MS)-Now Ike Valentine (135EK)

Chino Saints (1NV)

Leon Escondido (29S)-Now Slynger (115MS)

Second GenerationEdit

The second generation is mainly know as the Saints generation is a group of players mainly rls of Chino Saints.

Rarcus Saints (140MS)

Diego Saints (101S)

Pollo Saints (121S)

Marth Valentine (112EK)

Cakzz (59D)

Kingami (117MS)

Third GenerationEdit

The third generation is mainly know because of his group of botted up characters and noob players that are rls of the above generations, this generation is also home of the Loko's Family a group of low lvl noob charatcters.

Hark Proudemore (104ED)

Cleonix (88S)

Miwno Valentine (102MS)

Kraif (71K)

Cazho (Deleted)

All the Loko's

All of the Valentines Knight chars