The NameEdit

Sigiy is an elder druid on the gameworld of Dolera. He was originally named Mage Sigiy; but after he opted to change his name to Strnity with the Tibia name changing service, he received a namelock due to the lack of pronouncibility of his name. He then created a forum thread with another character asking players what he should rename his character to. At first, the only criterion was that the name must include the letters "sigi", as this is the player's real name. However, it was later understood that he wanted a name that solely consisted of "Sigi", with one additional letter. The letter he chose was 'y', thus the name "Sigiy".

Quest HostingEdit

Sigiy has attempted to host several quests, including the Pits of Inferno Quest. Despite that he succeeded in completing the quests with his helping teams, some of the quests have been considered to be failures, due to the poor planning and organization methods displayed during the completion of the quest.

A thread that was produced at the end of one of Sigiy's PoI quests, titled "@sigi" and made by Roxette, contained the following message:

are you done hosting quests now? that was embarrasing.


Sigiy has a very loud personality. He often speaks without much apparent thought, and he is short-fused. He has, on multiple occasions, made unprofessional-looking threads, threatening such characters as Vicblood and Snaeux, who were in hunting spawns he wanted to use.

He is often a driving force in the arguments that rage back and forth on the Dolera forum board, especially during war.