Vocation: Knight

Location: Canada

Name: Dan

Languages: English, high school French, and Babelfish

Raddik has been playing Dolera since Summer 2004. When he joined the server, he used RL connections to become protected by Ron Para, and thus managed to survive. He is stoned most of the time that he plays and is generally not that good of a player. He was the founder of the roleplaying guild Tarrasch, and friends with Rod Stiffington, Iserbius, Solo Draconis, Nyalith (greg), Lynk Euchida, Orelius, and others.

Raddik is usually a friendly player and doesn't like to argue with people unless he's correcting their spelling or grammar. He took a break in 2006-2010, with sword fighting skill in the top 3 of the High Score list. Now his skills are unremarkable. Unlike lots of other knights on Tibia, Raddik did not cheat to get his skills. He wasted that time fairly. His favorite spell is "challenge" and his favorite colour is green.