The Founders of Payback were Adrasteia (Jon) and Cyroa (Stefan) also known by his earlier character Ghostwrighter. It was noted as a guild composed primarily of player killers (PKs) with no other purpose but to kill other players and have fun doing so. They were mostly successful in their attempts to pk inhabitants of Dolera which was partly due to the fact that everyone on Dolera , with the exception of members of the guild itself, beginners, and a low population of friends, were targets.

There was much tact and preparation involved when Payback was actively looking for a target. Attacks, escapes, and fail-safes were all taken into consideration. There was always room for error in a plot to kill and so every possible scenario was considered before actually putting everything into action.

Though largely successful in what they considered to be fun, the guild was rather small in comparison with all other opposing guilds. The members all had a profound trust amongst themselves and could all be trusted to act accordingly if something were to go wrong even if it meant death. One major contributor to the guild being successful was that the members were all fearless on their attempts and whether the outcome was grim or not they fought until they no longer had anything but their fists to fight with.


Adrasteia - Jon

Cyroa - Stefan

Goryo - Moe

Cheerlessy - Remon

Farfars Pojke - Sebastian