Background Edit

Pandemonium is a guild that was originally founded on October 26, 2005 by Lowix and four Level 1 characters. The guild has, at one time or another, housed many of Dolera's historically legendary players, including: Lowix and Kardir, Nyalith, Edkeys, Athraz and Vappy, BlackshadedEthn Sin, Crim Sin, and Pyroflames, along with many others. It has also been home to many of Dolera's most popular players, such as: Jeero, Iserbius, Rod Stiffington, Unconscious Guardian, Raddik and Rory Mor.

Pandemonium was a very unique guild for a long time in that it was the only guild that required players to become a member once their levels became too high. This is because players with a high enough level had the potential to oppose Lowix, and threaten his leadership of the server. If they were all in Lowix's guild, this became more difficult to do without his knowing. With Dolera being a PvP-Enforced server, Lowix was easily able to enforce this join-my-guild-or-die rule by hunting off any players who would refuse.

Wars Edit

Pandemonium has fought through many wars, the three most noteworthy being against:

Alliances Edit

Of course, few guilds on Dolera have ever been successful without having some allies along the way. Guilds which Pandemonium respected most as allies include: DC, Waterloo, SiS, and VoD.