Nyalith used to be one of the most respected characters on Dolera. The character is now played by a new owner, Brent; however, it used to be played by Greg.


While Greg played Nyalith, he achieved level 125+, and a magic level of 65+. He fought in many wars, often later becoming allies with his former foes. He was intelligent, and posted on the forums often.

Greg is also the creator of a piece of software called Elfbot. Elfbot was a macro tool designed for playing Tibia. It had many original features, such as automatic SD, healing and using mana fluids on allies, and later on in its development, running faster than regular arrow keys would allow.


Brent is a Tibia player who originally started playing Dolera successfully with his character Brictus. He has not done anything notable with Nyalith during his ownership, which has caused the reputation of the character to decay considerably.