Nikmo Sarata was originally from Empera (2006). He was essencialy a rune maker of the brazilian team, and he achive ml 59 at lvl 47. He was friend of the Mexicans ( Felix Castos, Tavo Choko, Turiruri Santoy, Karona Diosa Falsa.. ) until an unknown problem make him enemy with the most of them.

At 2009 one of his best friends betrayed him and he went banned for account sharing. A few months later, he went haked, and the haker did a massive player killing and his account went deleted.

At 2010 he made a new account with the same name, and he started playing at Dolera where he was unknown untill he got hunted by Madam Emita, and he went  adopted by League of Legends. Some time later he showed his evil tongue to the american crew to be under Crimson Sunset's umbrella.

He was the first character to get the Terror Bird Mount in Dolera.

In December 2013 he sold his account (at lvl 150) and he got retired from Tibia. (Nikmo Sarata belongs to Tibia and the owner never played another game under this Nick.)