Outfit Druid Male Addon 3

Character: Moe Death Blade

Vocation: Elder Druid

Maximum Level: 97

Guilds : Dipset , Blitzkriieg , Mavens , Payback

Additional Characters: Jackal of Redemption, Octum

Hunted: No

Real Name: Modesto

Location: USA

Languages: English, Spanish

Doleran since: 2005

Additional Information: Moe Death Blade started playing Tibia between 7.6 and 7.92. He began playing the game after being introduced to it by Rls Necator Daray and Guardian Death Blade, who had since before already established a reputation of their own within the Doleran community. Though he had chosen to use the Death Blade name based on his real life Guardian Death Blade 's name he had formally asked Nat Death Blade for permission knowing that his RL had received his name from her.

In the beginning of his Tibian 'career' the game was no more than just a fun exploration with a lively community. No one that has genuinely played this game long enough can forget how high level 40 once was, and how even level 8 characters equipped with a war hammer proved to be deadly especially when allied to other low level characters that solely played to pk.

Moe Death Blade played off and on since then usually taking long breaks spanning from months to years. This is due to the lack of motivation to play during times where most friends have been inactive due to loss in war or just the sheer boredom that arises from playing the game for more than 6 hours a day.

Miscellaneous Information: Owner of the first Toy Spider on Dolera.