A brave reaction of Mage Sigi against the stacking strategy of his enemies during Waterloo vs Crimson Sunset war.

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Well im so angry about the no possibly Atacck in the stacks with more than 8 people..

in the past few days i have constantly witnessed a game weakness abused by a certian group of players to help them succeed in kill this is so insane cause you know we are playing in a pvp enforced world and there is 10000 targets all day 24/7 and we can't do nothing bout it to help and have a better dolera,i think in a normal pvp is kinda ok because at least they get skull and have to be alert about it.. so my proposal is on pvp enforced worlds:inferna/dolera you should remove this stack thing for a better play place .. In noway can justice be served to these players, they simply can monopolize the server for there own..

in short words they are abusing of this thing making sneaks and running to a stack and of course this is kinda like a PZ everywhere being PZ.. its ridicolous because we dont have a skull system remember!! so they can kill everyone who's hunting.. and almost in all the citys theres a stack place..

Stop ruining pvp enfo worlds please CIP 1.- No more exp for killing ok 2.-aol~blessings~ Ok 3.-stack rule NO AGREE AT all on a pvp enforced

A very Unhappy Customer.~

Im pretty sure this must be considered as a Destroying Behaviour..

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THEY CAN KILL EVERYONE NOT JUST THE ENEMYS !! like it do in a normal pvp anyone can hunt in dolera this is so unfair do something bout it please and don't delay so much