Guilds: Malibu-Nam, Order of the Dragon, Tarrasch
Additional Characters: Over Ninethousand, Joseph Kain
Hunted: No
Real Name: Travis W. Thompkins
Location: North Carolina, United States
Languages: English
Doleran since: 2005
Additional Information: Consider's himself a 'writer' rather then a Roleplayer.

Lynk Euchida is a current member of Malibu-Nam, and an 'Old Doleran' having played the

server for at least 5 years.

Lynk as he appears in his "RL" Character, Travis Thompkins.

He has been known as a Roleplayer, Pacifist, Comedian, Philosopher, Psychological Analyst, "Annoying Gamechat Guy", Forum Troll, and a songwriter. In Real life, he is working to be a Game Designer/Programmer. He founded the Flame Service, and has worked with Julien Brightside on a few story's, and has been featured on He has been involved in most of the old wars, and is aquianted with a large number of older players.

Lynk was once known as "The God of Dolera", and founded a church based around his often exagerrated exploits and adventures.

He is also the Defacto leader of the mostly defunct Euchida Family, which consist of mostly retired and inactive players.

Link Euchida (Deleted/Hacked)

Lynk Euchida

Maximus Euchida (In Game Son/Active)

Sergei Euchida (Nephew/Retired)

Count Olaff Euchida (In Game Son/Retired)

Darth of Dublin Euchida (In Game Son/ currently plays Maximus Euchida)

Gwidion Euchida (Nephew/Retired)

Lynks notable former guild memberships are:

The Alliance of Dolera

Tarrash (Head "History" Developer.)

Order of the Dragon

Malibu-Nam (Currently active.)

Current Storys:

We Wage War in Silence:

Lynk/Julien joint Story:

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