JDP is the real-life name of a Tibia player who used to play on the world Dolera. He is a real-life acquaintance of JK. He has played many characters, including:

Censure, a royal paladin later namelocked and renamed to Ethn Sin. Ethn Sin was the second member of the Sin family, which started with Crim Sin. This account was eventually deleted after account sharing with Travis, who was "taking revenge" on JDP, for the way JDP gained some experience on his sorcerer, Blackshaded. The character reached a maximum level of around 100.

Blackshaded, which was a master sorcerer. This character reached a maximum level of around 106 before it was deleted. He gained a few levels when he was level 85 by killing Elack Arcar, while Elack Arcar was hacked and being rooked.

Ethn, a character he shortly played on Rubera.

Ethn Fade, a character he played on Malvera.