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IRL Photo of Gothikas Messenger

Gothikas MessengerCharacter Display
is a long-time friend of the Mexican players Original Del Chaos Guild. She has been on Dolera since 2005 and retired in late 2009. She has been married 6 (Skan Seth Terloch, Makiavelle, Nox Del Chaos, Khaos Galkas, and Unchained Melody) times in Dolera Wedding to Khaos Galkas. Her most recent marriage was to Vicblood in 2010. Vicblood, who was deleted in 2013 for an offensive statement "going in dry", still remains as her tibian husband even after deletion. She is the lowest lvl player in Dolera to ever receive full Noblewoman [Outfit]. Present day, she can usually be found sitting in Carlin depot as one of the older Dolera socialites. She is also featured in several Dolera Irl Videos that are posted on Youtube.