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Dolera Wiki is a collaborative website about the game server of Dolera on the MMORPG, Tibia. Anybody can edit this site. If you want people to know about you, your guild, your friends, or even the people you see as your hero or role model, this is a good place to tell the world.

You can start by looking up your character name in the search bar to the left. <--

You will likely find that the page does not yet exist. So why not make it? You can! Tell us about your guilds, your friends, and what you've done on Dolera. You can also create links from other pages to yours. That way everybody sees the page exists, and they visit your page and learn about you. VISIT THIS PAGE if you don't know how to edit.

If you see a RED link, it means the page does not yet exist! Do you know something about that topic? If so, you can tell everyone by creating the page. Click the red link and start writing.

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