Del Chaos does not refer to the presently existing guild. Instead, Del Chaos (DC) represented the introduction of the Spanish-speaking and, predominantly Mexican players to Dolera and one white guy from Michigan, Blanco Loco Del Chaos. Its founder and leader was Maguz Pistolero, who doubled as somewhat of a diplomatic representative for DC. Early in its existence, the guild was hunted by Lowix, the leader of Pandemonium. After talks between Lowix and Maguz Pistolero, DC was allowed to be free for payout of 200k. Shortly after this agreement, the Mexican population skyrocketed as DC flourished and became a leading guild along with Pandemonium.

After the retirement of Maguz Pistolero, Edkeys became the new leader of Del Chaos. During Edkeys' reign, DC and its allied members/guilds have fought virtually every other group on the server. Moreover, it is now the leading guild. Eventually, the guild was disbanned during a war, in order to create the new guild Awaken. Presently, many of the remaining members from DC are members of a guild called Crimson Sunset. Taking a look through the guild member list, you'll notice the characters include Maguz Pistolero, Lowix, and Edkeys as well - a crimson sunset indeed.


Del Chaos before the first battle in thais