Crim Sin was originally named Crimson. He was a member of the guild Pandemonium. He was namelocked around level 100 for violating the "name not describing person" name rule, an extinct Tibia rule. In time, the owner of Crim Sin later stopped playing Tibia as actively as he had in the past. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Tibia, magebombings were becomming popular due to their introduction into commercial bots such as BlackD Tools. CipSoft eventually took action, deleting several hundred magebombing accounts. As a result, Dave, the owner of the character Gihn, had his Tibia account deleted for alleged involvement with the magebombings. Thus, it was the combination of Crim Sin's retirement and the former Gihn's deletion that led to the transferring of Crim Sin from its prior owner to Dave, also known as Gihn.