Aequitas McManus is a character played by a guy named Jim; real life of Dred Nightfrost, Rohons Rage, and Yendor. He used to own the house to the south west of the Venore boat, however it was robbed a month or so before the Shisengumi War, by Brandy McManus, while Aequitas Mcmanus was hunting vampires. Aequitas McManus was a known cheater, and used to use Blackd Proxy to make Sudden Death runes, north of Venore, in the hunter's hideout. Aequitas McManus, was also shown in the Blackd Magebomb 9.00 test youtube video, logging in outside his house during the magebomb attack on Sana Galkas. Aequitas McManus, and his friends, had a 9999 year/20 computer license to Blackd Proxy, which they shared amongst themselves.

thumb|right|500px|Famous video of the Blackd Magebomb. The northern house, used to be owned by Aequitas, and the southern, owned by Cedas; both of which their team had access to.